Opera and children poster exhibition
Date: 1-30.09.2017
Venue: Amtsbókasafnið á Akureyri

Social posters exhibition
Date: 1-30.09.2017
Venue: Kartóflugeymslan Gallery

Exhibition – Posters from Poland
Leszek Żebrowski ‘Poor poster’, Sebastian Kubica ‘Short stories’, Monika Starowicz ‘Woman’s fascinations’
Date: 23.9-19.11.2017

Venue: Gerðuberg Culture House

Film posters exhibition
Date: 22.09-9.10.2017
Venue: Norræna húsið

Music and theatre posters exhibition
Date: 20.10-12.11.2017
Venue: MAk – Menningarfélag Akureyrar


Workshops for children 9-12 years old
Date: 24.09.2017
Venue: Gerðuberg Culture House

Workshops ‘The poster as an art form’
Date: 25-29.09.2017
Venue: Listaháskóli Íslands


Lecture ‘The art of the Polish Posters’ by Natalia Dydo
Date: 26.09.2017
Venue: Listasafnið á Akureyri


Screening ‘The Other Side of the Poster’
Date: 01.10.2017 18:00 and 05.10.2017 15:00
Venue: Norræna húsið – Auditorium