Monika Starowicz

Monika Starowicz

Born in 1974 in Katowice. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, department of graphic art in Katowice. Currently works with Prof. Roman Kalarus in Poster Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

She is interested in art poster, graphic, drawing, illustration and collage.

Has participated in numerous poster exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

I have an old black telephone. It’s made of bakelite, with a dial. If not for the digital links it still would serve to contact me with the world. At this moment there is only a nostalgic decoration of my room. Looking at it over the years I always think that the poster should be just like the old telephone – individually beautiful in its form, graphic and should make a lot of noise by its message. Such is the modern poster – just like my phone – disappearing from the streets of cities and becomes the resident of art galleries or museum’s interior. Each poster is a challenge. I don’t identify myself with the trends of contemporary design. I don’t want even someone calls me a designer. I engaged in art. Art of poster. And let it be. I don’t care about what is currently fashionable. I have my own fascinations and I follow them. Each of my poster contains a piece of my soul. I have a fun with a form, a trace, color and texture. I like the old letters. I collect them and gladly use them and they play in one orchestra with my drawings and all my graphic decisions I take on a piece of paper. All around is the poster. All works of art operate according to the same rights. The poster is synthesis, sometimes starting point for further action. Just open your mind, spread your wings and fly.