Leszek Żebrowski

Leszek Zebrowski

Born in Szczecin in 1950. Studied at the Design Department WSSP in Gdańsk (now Academy of Fine Arts) under supervision of Prof. Jerzy Krechowicz. Currently professor of graphic arts at the Academy of Art in Szczecin.

He specializes in drawing, painting, artistic graphics, satirical drawing and design for publishing.

Recognized as an author of more than 500 posters mainly related to culture. His artistic language is known as ‘portrait style’. In his works, usually made with aerograph, he tries to show model’s psyche through deformations (referring to Stanisław ‘Witkacy’ Witkiewicz). He has developed his own technique of printing consisting of direct drawing on offset plate and proper exposition.

Participant of numerous international poster exhibition cycles in Warsaw, Toyama, Hong Kong, Chaumont, Lahti, Chicago, Moscow.

Winner of many prizes and distinctions, among others the 1st Prize of the International Triennial of Posters in Mons, 2nd Prize at the International Biennale of Posters in Teheran, Bronze Medal at the International Biennale of Posters in Warsaw and 3rd Prize at the International Biennale of Theatre Posters in Rzeszów.

Honored with the title ‘Ambassador of Szczecin’ by the City Mayor in 2017.